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  • Debunking 3 Myths About Introverts

    Are you an introvert? People with this personality type tend to feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and feelings rather than what’s going on around them, and they often feel re-energized after spending time on their own.

    Society often paints introverts as being shy, submissive individuals, but is this really true? Below, we debunk three common myths about introverts.

    Myth #1: Introverts Are Antisocial

    People often assume that introverts don’t enjoy spending time with others, but that’s typically not the case. Many introverts enjoy socializing, but simply prefer hanging out with a few close friends versus a large crowd of people. That’s not to say that they can’t have fun at parties, too—they just may need to spend extra time on their own afterward to recharge their batteries.

    Myth #2: Introverts Are Self-Conscious

    Introverts are often portrayed as shy, nervous individuals who lack confidence. But, in reality, introverts can be incredibly confident—it just might require extra energy on their part. Many introverts describe feeling exhausted after being “on” for hours at a time.

    Myth #3: Introverts Aren’t Good Leaders

    People often assume that introverts won’t excel as leaders because leadership usually requires a great deal of social interaction. But introverts can be excellent leaders so long as they have the opportunity to recharge at the end of the day. In fact, because introverts tend to be creative thinkers, they can often develop innovative solutions to problems, a quality necessary for leadership.

    For More Information

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